Blavatnik School of Government Building

Blavatnik - Oxford College
Blavatnik School of Government building

Oxford College

The Blavatnik School of Government building strives to be as sustainable as possible using innovative systems that feature Ebtron sensors, such as:

  • ground source heat pumps for heating & cooling
  • automated natural ventilation with summer night cooling
  • solar control blinds, demand-led variable air volume mechanical ventilation
  • heat recovery in winter
  • photovoltaics
  • rainwater harvesting
  • green roof
  • low energy lighting with intelligent controls



The construction of the building has been designed to meet the highest standards of environmental sustainability with innovative heating and ventilation technologies to minimise energy use. The building’s thermal mass provides exceptional cooling and heating benefits as the exposed concrete absorbs and stores daytime heat until it can be released back when exposed to cooler air in the evening.

Ventilation is “mixed mode” which means that under normal circumstances it will operate purely on natural airflow, mechanical ventilation only operates under more extreme weather conditions.  Geothermal boreholes provide heating and cooling through ground source heat pumps and in the fullness of time the building will become part of a wider geothermal network.

The building received the prestigious BREEAM A rated energy performance award among other accolades on completion, including the use of considerable renewable energy provision, strong insulating properties and the use of natural and mechanical heating ventilation rather than air conditioning.