The Crystal – London

The Crystal
The Crystal

Royal Victoria Dock

The prestigious Crystal building uses Ebtron technology supplied by Cooper Ward Limited.  Siemens established the Crystal to find solutions for more sustainable cities and boasts “BREEAM Outstanding” and “LEED Platinum” certificates.

Its roll call of sustainability features include:

  • rainwater harvesting
  • black water treatment
  • solar water heating
  • intelligent building management system (BMS)

Ebtron sensors provide the BMS with precise and reliable airflow measurements to complement its other advanced features.



The Crystal was derived from multi-faceted urban life, with its crystalline shape representing complexity and challenges. Siemens established the building to find solutions that will create more sustainable cities and houses featuring a conference centre with a 270-seat auditorium. which hosts many major international conferences.   There are 9 zones dedicated to specific aspects of sustainability, facilitating international urban planners exploring their visions for urban development and smart cities. Exhibition space fosters exchange of ideas between architects, city planners, municipal authorities, students and other visitors.

The Crystal opened to the public in 2012 with a whole building cost at an estimated £30 Million.

Solar power and ground source heat pumps are used to generate energy, meaning that no fossil fuels are burnt in the building.  When seasonally possible, the building is naturally ventilated, using motorised opening vents in the roof and facade. The BMS maximises free cooling taken from the surroundings via the ground source heat pump.  During hot days, it takes heat from the building and dissipates it back into the ground, keeping the building cool.